Get Involved/Participate Enroll a Child Employment

Get Involved

Daily Reader

Read aloud a short story or selection from the Freedom School library to the group and introduce themselves, allow scholars to ask questions about their life outside of Freedom School. A commitment of 1 hour at the beginning of the day during the spirited morning gathering, called Harambee!

Career Education

Make a child-friendly presentation about your job, business or profession. We suggest you discuss how you became interested in the area, what sort of education or experience it takes to get there and an example of what a typical day is like - all valuable bits of information. Pictures of the work space, tools of the trade or samples of the work produced, allows children to get a better understanding of what you are talking about.


Such as an artist, craftsman or hobby - Present an enrichment experience (When Home Depot visited Freedom School in 2009, volunteers demonstrated how to put together a bird house and helped scholars do the same).

Sponsor a Lesson

Freedom School scholars take occasional lesson trips during the program and would appreciate help with the cost of admission or transportation through tickets, reduced fees or cash contributions specifically for this purpose. Examples include museums, sports events, festivals, tours or other opportunities.

Provide a Snack

Scholars receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day.  A contribution of a nutritious snack item or sponsorship of a day's snack is just $15.00 a day.

Contribute to the Freedom School Oklahoma City Book Fund

The cost of books for the Freedom School Program is approximately $6,000 each year. Your contribution to the Freedom School Book Fund, will help off-set this cost. Each scholar builds their own at-home library of quality literature and will continue their love of reading with your help. Consider making a contribution today!